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Are you dreaming of cozy evenings, wrapped in a blanket on chilly nights? Perhaps traditional bedspreads are not your style? In our online shop, you’ll find elegant and practical blankets and throws that not only keep you warm on chilly days but also add a special touch to your bedroom. The wealth of designs, colors, and materials ensures that you’ll find the perfect cotton blanket for you. Explore our extensive range and create a bedroom where comfort and style go hand in hand.

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Blankets for every season

At Senpo, we offer a wide range of blankets and blankets that are synonymous with comfort and luxury. Made from different materials, from soft cotton to warm wool and luxurious cashmere, our blankets and blankets offer a unique experience during moments of rest. Regardless of the season and individual preferences, in our range you will find a product that meets your expectations. Add a touch of cosiness and warmth to your interiors with Senpo’s exceptional range of blankets and blankets.

Blankets and blankets at Senpo: Choose Comfort and Luxury for Every Season

A cosy and fluffy blanket you love to wrap yourself in on a December afternoon or a soft and cosy cotton blanket for a summer picnic, a trip to the lake or any other occasion? We’ve made sure you can always find the perfect blanket for yourself at Senpo.

Which blanket to choose?

Cotton, wool, microfibre, fleece… Soft blankets and blankets are made of different fabrics, have different finishes and sizes. They can be smooth and even or patterned, have a thick fabric structure or long hairs. Which blanket to choose? You need to answer the question of what you really need and what function the blanket should fulfil.

What size blanket?

Standard blankets have sizes of 120×90 and 150×200. Smaller blankets of 120×90, for example, are well suited as a blanket for a cot, while larger blankets of 150×200 are a universal size you can use on cool days or as a bedspread (if our mattress is 90×200 cm). Manufacturers also make blankets in non-standard sizes.

Which material?

Blankets are made from fabrics with different properties. Materials also influence the design of individual blankets.

Cotton blankets

Cotton allows air to pass through, absorbs moisture and provides good ventilation. It guarantees high comfort of use and is ideal for people with allergies. Cotton blankets are available in different fabrics. Lightweight and thin cotton blankets are ideal for summer (you can use them for an afternoon nap, take them to a picnic or beach, conveniently pack for holiday luggage). Thicker cotton blankets are warm and cosy and therefore provide comfort during winter nights.

Wool blankets

Wool is heavier than cotton and offers excellent thermal insulation. This natural material evaporates moisture well, which is why a wool blanket is suitable for winter. It wraps gently around the body and provides warmth during naps or movie nights. However, such blankets are not suitable for people with wool allergies.

Acrylic blankets

Acrylic is a synthetic alternative to wool. Such a blanket is thicker and warmer, so it is worth choosing it as a bedspread for winter. Acrylic blankets are often chosen by people who are allergic to or sensitive to natural wool. They are usually available in many colours and patterns, so you can also use them as bedspreads.

Microfibre blankets

These warm, cosy and quite lightweight blankets are very popular for their practical benefits. They can be washed several times and centrifuged in the washing machine, dry quickly. They are soft, do not wear out and do not fade. Microfibre is hypoallergenic, so this choice is recommended for people with allergies.

Fleece blankets

Fleece is a knitted fabric made of PET and synthetic material, which offers high thermal insulation. Fleece blankets are warm and light, so they guarantee high comfort of use on cold days.