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Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors and mattress toppers are products designed to protect your mattress and enhance your sleep comfort. Choose a mattress protector for yourself and sleep healthy and comfortable!

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Protective covers for mattresses

It is well known that a well-chosen mattress is the basis for a healthy and valuable sleep. A high-quality mattress, which meets the requirements for wide sleep hygiene, is at the same time quite an investment. However, an investment that brings significant benefits to our bodies. To ensure that it is not a short-term investment, it is important to take good care of it.

Why should you use mattress covers?

A mattress cover protects the interior of the mattress from dirt. Although most mattresses today have removable covers suitable for washing at home, there are still quite a few on the market whose cover cannot be removed.

The fabrics from which mattress covers are made are resistant to dirt, but of course only to a certain extent. Therefore, to sleep in a pleasant sleeping environment and ensure that the mattress can fulfil its duty for many years, it is worth protecting it with a mattress cover, especially since washing a mattress is not an easy job.

Our shop offer also includes mattress protectors and fitted sheets that serve to protect the mattress and enhance sleeping comfort.

Mattress protectors and fitted sheets

We offer mattress protectors made of modern fabrics with extraordinary properties, such as preventing contamination of the mattress cover, light body massage or thermo-regulating properties.

All fabrics used in mattress protectors drain moisture well, keeping the sleeping environment pleasantly dry and preventing the growth of micro-organisms. A mattress protector also significantly limits the penetration of dead skin cells into the mattress, which, as we know, are food for house dust mites. The fabrics feel so comfortable that the protectors can be used instead of a fitted sheet.

Protective mattress covers are filled with breathable material and fringed with elegant, pleasant-feeling fabric. They are ideal for cots where soiling or soggy mattresses are common. A mattress protector is also an excellent choice for people with allergies, as regular washing means that you can always sleep on a clean, allergen-free surface.

So if the mattress needs to be not only comfortable but also aesthetic and hygienic, it is advisable to protect it with a mattress protector or a suitable mattress cover (topper). Mattress protectors and fitted sheets ensure that we can enjoy many years of comfortable sleep.