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Adjustable Bed Bases

Discover the unique flexibility of sleeping with our adjustable bed bases. Thanks to the ability to adjust the position, they not only provide a comfortable night’s sleep but also perfect support for various user needs.

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Adjustable bed bases

Health promotion and rehabilitation adjustable bed bases – manually adjustable in 80×200, 90×200, 100×200, 120×200, 140×200 and other unusual sizes – to order.

Manually adjustable bed bases are a proposition for two groups of people. The completely healthy who are looking for higher sleep comfort and are also interested in health prevention. The second group consists of people with conditions for whom a sleeping position other than flat is recommended.

The adjustable bed bases available in the SENPO online shop represent a wide range of bed bases designed to ensure a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep. They will certainly be of interest to people who not only want to sleep in bed, but also read and watch television, or relax during the day.

Adjustable bed bases – health-promoting and rehabilitative

The options for raising the head and foot ends provide increased sleeping comfort for people for whom a sleeping position other than flat is recommended.

Raising the head end is useful for users with breathing problems, while the movable foot end can improve blood circulation. The ability to raise the footboard is suitable for people who spend most of the day standing or sitting.

This bed frame option helps regenerate aching legs and reduce swelling. Sleeping with raised legs is recommended for people with varicose veins and those complaining of circulatory problems. Each of the adjustable sides offers multiple levels, allowing the bed frame to be adjusted to individual needs.

Manually adjustable bed frames are rehabilitation bed frames, intended for both people with conditions and completely healthy people interested in preventive healthcare.

Adjustable bed bases – construction

The frames of manually adjustable bed bases are made of high-quality beech wood or wood sourced from Siberian birch. The high quality of the material ensures durability of the bed frames and higher comfort of use.

Flexible slats guarantee optimal softness, excellent air circulation under the mattress, and preserve the natural resilience of the mattress.

Each bed frame is equipped with a firmness control mechanism, which maintains the firmness zones in the mattress and provides support when needed. In most bed frames, the parts at the shoulders and hips are reinforced, which are usually exposed to greater pressure, making the bed frame not only evenly distributes body weight, but also more durable and will serve the user much longer.

The slats are placed in rubber holders, which dampen the noise of the bed frame and protect it from wearing out too quickly