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Electric Bed Bases

Discover modern electric bed bases for a personalized sleeping experience. With remote control and adjustable position options, these bed bases offer the ability to customize the lying position for maximum comfort and relaxation.

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Electrically adjustable bed bases

When you choose an electrically adjustable bed base, you choose the highest level of comfort while sleeping and relaxing in your bed. With a remote control, you can easily adjust the position of the head and foot end to ensure you lie in optimal comfort.

The collection of electrically adjustable bed bases in the online shop SENPO includes models designed for people who strive for the highest sleeping comfort. They are also recommended for the elderly and for anyone with back problems.

Electric bed bases are among the top class among bed bases. They offer the highest possible comfort when using the bed.

Thanks to remote-controlled motors, you can adjust the bed base to any position you want without straining your muscles. The adjustable angles make it possible to create a base perfectly tailored to individual needs and wishes. An electric bed base allows you to adjust the headboard, knees and feet to the desired height.

This is an excellent option for anyone who likes to watch TV, read or use a laptop in the bedroom. Lifting the feet and knees high helps improve blood circulation and rest the legs after a hard day.

Electrically adjustable bed bases now have medical status.

It is therefore worth paying attention to their rehabilitation benefits, which are essential for sick people. They perform their function excellently in situations where they are used by seriously ill people or those recovering from illness. The ability to make significant adjustments to the surface perfectly supports the work of mattresses used in decubitus prevention.

The electrically adjustable bed bases in our range are made of flexible slats of beech or birch wood. Both types of wood are known for their exceptional durability and elasticity, and each offers a similar level of comfort. The bed bases are enriched with hardness zones that work together with the zones in the mattress.

If the mattress has no hardness zones, the bed base helps create them. The slats are set in a wooden frame that gives the bed base stability. Each slat is mounted in a rubber holder, which protects the slat from wearing out too quickly and ensures noiseless operation.

The motors of the bed bases also operate silently, so the comfort of using the motors does not disturb your partner’s sleep.

By choosing an electrically adjustable bed base, you are choosing the highest level of sleeping and resting comfort.