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Wooden Beds

Solid wood beds are a timeless element in any interior, whether it’s in a classic or modern style. Solid wood beds provide a timeless solution that fits perfectly in every bedroom. This eco-friendly material is highly durable, making a wooden bed an investment for many years. We are confident that you will find something for yourself among the models we offer!

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Wooden beds – natural and durable

Wooden beds are solid and very sturdy, and their construction resists all forms of damage. Sturdy furniture made of solid wood will not be damaged during renovations or removals, and a well-maintained wooden bed can be passed down even be passed on to its owners for generations. A solid wood bed can easily be refurbished – often a skilled stain is enough to make it look like new.

An added benefit of these products are sturdy and durable legs for wooden beds, which can withstand any movement of the bed made of wood.

Solid wood beds – closer to nature

Natural wood is environmentally friendly and healthy. The beds are finished with carefully chosen stains, lacquers and oils that contain no harmful substances, are friendly and healthy for humans and have a positive impact on the climate in the bedroom. Wood is anti-static (does not attract much dust), making it ideal for people with allergies. Its properties of absorbing and releasing moisture from the environment make the wooden bed much more durable than upholstered beds.

Elegant wooden beds for the bedroom

Wooden beds are a versatile solution that fits perfectly with any bedroom interior style. Solid wood is an excellent base for classic, rustic or vintage interiors. Such a bed can also become the centrepiece of a Scandinavian or minimalist bedroom. All you have to do is choose the right shade and colour of wood.

Wooden beds, available in our shop, are custom-made, so you can choose the type of wood yourself. You can choose durable oak, beech or maple wood. We also recommend beds made of walnut and cherry wood. Each model can be made from wood in your chosen colour, so you can order a piece of furniture that perfectly matches your bedroom décor.

Single and double wooden beds

Another option is to choose the dimensions of the beds. We make both single beds of 80×200, 90×200 or 100×200 and 140×200, which fit well in smaller rooms, and comfortable wooden double beds of 160×200, 180×200 or 200×200, which will take centre stage in a spacious bedroom. For each bed, you can choose a bed frame and mattress of the right size.

Wooden beds for the bedroom – double wooden beds

At the SENPO shop, we have a wide range of wooden beds for the bedroom. The available selection includes 140×200 wooden bed, 160×200 wooden bed and many more. Wooden double beds can be bought with a drawer. Beds with storage space are a very convenient option – they provide space for storing extra bedding, for example. Beds for the bedroom of 180×200 and beds of 200×200 are also highly appreciated – there is simply more space for a couple with a child sleeping between them.