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At Senpo, you’ll find comfortable and custom-made duvets in various sizes, fillings, and materials. Choose the perfect duvet for you now!

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The best duvets for good ngacht rest

Healthy sleep is the best therapist, which is one of the few that can fully guarantee improvement in quality of life.

To ensure our customers’ sleep quality, we only cooperate with renowned duvet manufacturers. This allows us to provide you with products of the highest quality. We do our best to ensure that the duvets we offer meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

All our duvets, both filling and covering fabrics, carry certificates issued by independent research institutes. We offer duvets in all standard sizes, from children’s duvets to duvets for large double beds. Our range also includes duvets for all seasons – winter duvets, summer duvets and four-season duvets.

Summer duvets, winter duvets and four-season duvets

Are the basic categories of blankets, distinguished mainly by their thickness and type of filling. Summer duvets tend to be thinner and made of lighter materials such as cotton or silk, ensuring good body temperature during warmer nights. Winter duvets, on the other hand, are thicker and often filled with warmer materials such as down or wool, providing warmth and comfort during cold winter nights. Four-season duvets are an intermediate solution that allows you to use one blanket throughout the year and maintain a suitable temperature during different seasons.

Bedroom duvets – down and synthetic duvets offer Senpo

Senpo offers goose down duvets of the highest quality. Goose down the purest, selected and sterilised guarantees a warm and hygienic sleep. The down enclosed in a tight cover maintains a high level of purity and will serve the user for many years, making sleeping enjoyable and healthy.

Synthetic duvets filled with high-quality fibres ensure the highest hygiene while sleeping. In our range, you will find different types of synthetic fillings, from pellets to silicone fibres. Each is equally warm and light and offers a completely comfortable sleep. Among them are the very popular anti-allergenic duvets.

Duvets direct from the manufacturer

The fabric types used in the duvets are elegant and soft-touch microfibres and high-quality cotton fabrics, characterised by high aesthetics and durability. They are often enriched with various additives, such as vegetable oils or silver, with the aim of improving the health properties of the blankets and increasing the pleasure of using them. The fabrics provide pleasant tactile and visual experiences while sleeping. Precise finishing and horizontal and vertical stitching keep the filling in place, preventing it from shifting in the blanket and keeping it evenly distributed throughout the period of use.