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Mattress TEMPUR® Prima

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Tempur® Prima Mattress – exceptional comfort and sleeping comfort

The Prima Tempur® Mattress is specially made for people who are looking for a feeling of softness, but do not want to give up adequate and safe support. Using the innovative open cell structure of Tempur® Advanced Material foam, this mattress responds to your body temperature and weight, allowing you to immediately experience a feeling of relaxation and softness. Tempur’s® Prima is a premium material that adapts perfectly to your body, providing optimal spinal support and pressure point distribution. This means you experience excellent comfort and relief in the areas that need it most. Forget uncomfortable nights and welcome daily relaxation at the highest level with this superior mattress.


Prima Soft TEMPUR® is a high-quality material that adapts perfectly to your body and provides optimal spinal support and pressure point distribution. This means that you experience excellent comfort and relief in the areas that need it most. When you choose the Prima Soft Tempur mattress, you not only get an exceptionally soft feel but also the confidence that your sleep will be deep and restorative.

Prima Medium TEMPUR® is a medium-firmness mattress that offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. As you move across the surface of the mattress, the material quickly returns to its original shape, which translates into an even more restful sleep. The specially developed TEMPUR® Advanced Material acts as the top layer of the mattress, providing exceptional comfort and a perfect fit for the shape of your body.

Prima Firm TEMPUR® is the ideal solution for those who want a restful night’s sleep, but prefer a slightly firmer feel than that of standard TEMPUR® material. Offering firm support and firmness, these mattresses meet the needs of those looking for more stability while maintaining all the benefits of TEMPUR® material.

Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover QuickRefresh

The QuickRefresh cover is an extremely practical item that not only adds comfort but also affects the quality of your sleep. The cover is easily removable and washable at 60°, making it very easy to keep clean. Thanks to its high-quality materials, the cover also protects your mattress from minor damage and increases its durability. QuickRefresh is an innovative solution that not only makes it easier to maintain hygiene in the bedroom but also affects your comfort while sleeping. Thanks to its elasticity and durability, the cover adapts perfectly to the shape of the mattress, providing you with stability and adequate support.

Mattress Tempur® Prima specifications

  • Height – 21 cm
  • Firmness – soft, medium, firm
  • Padding – Tempur®Advanced Material Foam
  • Cover – removable, washable QuickRefresh up to 60°
  • Use – universal mattress for adolescents and adults
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 10 years
  • Standard flat shipped
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Soft, Medium, Firm

Height of Mattress

21 cm

Mattress Filling

TEMPUR®Advanced Material-schuim

Mattress Covers



10 Jaar



Washable mattress cover





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