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Mattress TEMPUR® Sensation Elite

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TEMPUR® Sensation Elite – ideal support and freedom of movement

The TEMPUR® Sensation Elite mattress consists of a comfort layer, support layer, Dynamic Support material and DuraBase material. The TEMPUR® Sensation Elite mattress is an innovative mattress that combines the guaranteed comfort of Tempur® with support and ease of movement, thanks to the revolutionary Dynamic Support Material. Sensation is a sleep technology consisting of four layers. The Dynamic Support Material – a network of open cells with flexible walls and a more random structure provides resilient support. It returns to its original shape faster, allowing you to move more freely on the mattress.

The top layer of the mattress is the comfort layer – that is, the original TEMPUR® material, which adapts to the shape of your body, reduces pressure and absorbs unwanted movements. The next component is the support layer, which provides support to your body by adapting to the shape and weight of your body, and also distributes pressure across the entire surface of the mattress. Another layer is the Dynamic Support Material, which works together with the Tempur® material to support your body. It makes it much easier to move around on the mattress. The mattress is completed by a layer of DuraBase material. These layers act as a base material that works together with the layers above for comfort and support, and for longer life of the mattress.

Why choose a TEMPUR® Sensation Elite mattress?

  • precise support tailored to your body
  • Reduced pressure points and less rolling from one side to the other
  • no vibration transfer
  • undisturbed sleep for two, long-term
  • easy to use (no need to turn it over)
  • incredible sleeping comfort

Mattress Cover

The Sensation Elite mattress is dressed in an innovative QuickRefresh cover with a geometric pattern that can be easily detached from the mattress and washed at up to 60°C to keep you fresh while you sleep. If it is damaged, the QuickRefresh cover can be purchased additionally – contact shop personnel. Overall height of mattress with cover 25 cm.

Specifications Mattress Sensation Elite

  • Height – 25 cm
  • Firmness – medium mattress
  • Filling – highly elastic foam, thermo-elastic foam
  • Anti-decubitus mattress
  • Removable cover
  • Application – universal mattress for adolescents and adults
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 10 years
  • Standard shipped flat
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Mattress Height

25 cm



Mattress filling

DuraBase TEMPUR material, Dynamic Support TEMPUR material, TEMPUR comfort layer, TEMPUR support layer

Mattress Cover



10 Years



Washable mattress cover





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