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Find your perfect mattress at Senpo, where we offer a variety of mattresses from the best manufacturers that guarantee not only excellent support, but also unparalleled comfort while you sleep. With state-of-the-art technology and solid craftsmanship, our mattresses are made for those who want excellent quality rest. Discover a world of sleep that offers true relaxation and regeneration every night – you’ll find it all in our range.

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Mattresses for the bedroom

A good mattress to sleep on is essential these days! If you don’t know which mattress to choose for your bed, whether it should be a mattress with springs, foam, memory foam or another type. Or maybe you need a mattress suitable for a sore back? Get in touch with our advisers – we will be happy to help you choose a comfortable and suitable mattress.

Everyone has individual needs and preferences, which is why our range is very extensive and versatile. Ensuring comfortable sleeping for our customers is SENPO’s most important task.

Mattresses for the bed in our range are top-class, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. They are branded products from factories of leading manufacturers whose reputation is recognised worldwide.

Best mattresses for the bed

In the offer of our online shop, you will find the most popular pocket spring mattresses, filled with titanium springs, which guarantee longevity, resistance to deformation and excellent point elasticity. Pocket spring mattresses are recommended for people with various back problems. People with a larger body weight also sleep excellently on pocket spring mattresses. In the spring mattress category, there are also Multipocket mattresses, which, although not expensive, are durable and offer very comfortable sleep.

In our range, customers will also find foam mattresses filled with modern foams, whose properties ensure healthy, restorative sleep. In the foam mattress collection, we have memory foam mattresses filled with foam that reacts to the sleeper’s body temperature, also known as visco foam. They are particularly suitable for customers with circulation disorders. The pressure of the mattress on the body is regulated by the body temperature, which determines whether it should be higher or lower.

Also worth mentioning are high-elastic mattresses, made of refined polyurethane foam with increased resilience, also called HR foam. High-elastic foams guarantee excellent point elasticity of the body, offer optimal pressure distribution, and the body lying on a mattress filled with above-average resilient foam maintains a healthy posture suitable for the spine. HR foam mattresses are recommended for decubitus prevention.

For customers looking for particularly durable mattresses, we recommend latex mattresses, whose durability is almost legendary. These are mattresses with increased firmness, mainly meant for people with back problems.

Cheap mattresses are available in the SENPO shop ONLINE

All mattresses come with certificates and high-quality protective covers. The covers are made of modern fabrics, resistant to dirt, very pleasant to touch and durable. Many manufacturers enrich their covers with innovative additives such as silver threads, vegetable oils or vitamin capsules. Each of these additives aims to increase sleep comfort and take care of the sleeper’s health. They are all suitable for machine washing.

The 21st century places high demands on us. We live more intensively today, either by choice or necessity, we want to be healthy, efficient and always active. To reach a state that allows us to meet these demands, it is not only necessary to surround ourselves with the latest technology, but also to sleep on a mattress that suits these times. The task of modern mattresses is not only to sleep comfortably, but above all to sleep healthily, allowing maximum regeneration of the body.

Mattress – the most important element of your bed!

A mattress for the bed is the most important element of a comfortable sleep. The mattress for the bed should not be arbitrary, it should be tailored to individual needs and preferences. In our shop, you will find branded mattresses for the bed, allowing our customers to sleep healthily and comfortably.