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Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows, also known as memory foam pillows, adapt perfectly to the shape of the head and neck, providing exceptional comfort and support while sleeping. Their special construction responds to body heat, providing optimal support and relief of muscle tension.

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Thermo-elastic pillows – soft and resilient filling

The filling of thermo-elastic pillows consists of visco-elastic foam. This material was invented by NASA scientists in 1966. Originally, this material was used in aircraft cushions. In the early 1980s, thermo-elastic foam was used commercially. Over time, people started combining this precious material with aloe vera gel, activated charcoal, polyurethane foam and other additives, making viscoelastic fillings more widely available.

Thermo-elastic foam with the addition of polyurethane is highly resilient and soft. When heated, it adapts to pressure. This ensures that thermo-elastic cushions, under the influence of body heat, fit perfectly to the anatomical contours, providing maximum comfort and proper muscle support. Support for the neck and shoulder muscles and a good head position will ensure a very comfortable sleep, which will help the body recover fully. Thermo-elastic foam does not exert pressure on the body, making sleep more restful as we change our sleeping position less frequently at night.

Who is a thermo-elastic pillow for?

Combining a pillow with thermo-elastic filling with a similar mattress is an excellent solution for people who have sleep problems, wake up at night or have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. Such a pillow also supports adopting the correct body position, preventing strain on the spine while lying down. Thermo-elastic foam improves blood circulation, which is why people who like warmth highly appreciate this filling. The use of this modern foam in orthopaedic and therapeutic mattresses attests to its high quality.

Thermo-elastic foam is very soft. It provides comfort and relaxation for the neck and shoulder muscles, so people who have tension in these areas (e.g. due to prolonged computer use) will appreciate this type of cushion with this filling. However, it is worth remembering that the viscoelastic foam used in thermo-elastic pillows is not suitable for children – for little ones, it is better to choose a pillow with a less resilient material